When it comes to industrial equipment, it is always best to keep it in good working order. Downtime equates to a loss in productivity and could be quite expensive on the bottom line for any company.

When it comes to maintenance of mechanical systems, laser cleaning has proven to be a viable solution. Whether it is removing grease, oil, carbon deposits, rust, paint, stuck on gunk and just about anything on a surface, laser cleaning can get the job done.

With extreme precision and a dry process that can be automated for in line production, a good fume extraction system to aspirate the contaminates, up to 100ft of fibre and a mobile trolley, the user can clean a surface without dismantling it or taking it off line.

Quicker turnaround times, no damage to the substrate and no mess to clean up, laser cleaning is the most practical solution. A good example of this is anilox rollers in the printing industry.