As the Canadian distributor for P-Laser, we have been seeing Canada’s forward thinking entrepreneurial spirit. We have dedicated this page on our site to any of our clients that wish to start a business offering laser cleaning services. We work closely with them and encourage their success. From sharing applications and industry knowledge to passing along any service contracts in our clients geographical location as P-Laser Canada does not offer the cleaning service.

Since 2020, we have had three clients who offer the laser cleaning service purchase P-Laser systems in Canada. We have Lumiblast covering B.C. and Western Canada since early 2021, and in 2022 we added Laser Ablator Located in Mississauga Ontario. There is also a system in Alberta that has not been made public as the owner is busy enough as is. We look forward to other entrepreneurs joining the service side of the industry with the highest quality systems on the market.

Now offering service in B.C.!


We are proud to work with our client Lumiblast as a service provider. With a background in aviation, Lumiblast services multiple industries in the province of British Columbia. For any inquiries please click on the button below to go directly to Lumiblast’s site.


Lumiblast Laser Cleaning, Ltd.

The newest addition in 2022 is Laser Ablator. Experts in soot removal and masonry cleaning they cover the full lineup of applications. From general industrial cleaning to artifact conservation, if you are in Ontario and require the laser cleaning service, give them a call.