Hazardous coatings such as lead based paints are an excellent application for laser cleaning. Insulators and sealers like asbestos caulking is another fantastic use for laser cleaning systems. Paints can be cleaned off of a variety of substrates. Metals, masonry and even wood. The most appealing benefit of using laser cleaning to remove such undesirables is the lack set up of the area you are cleaning. Using a laser cleaning system with proper fume extraction eliminates all air contamination.

Tests have been done and the the results are 1000X ppm under the legal limit of air contamination. Given that there are no chemicals or blast media, primary waste consists of the spent electricity. The disposal of the secondary waste is simply the captured fine particulate in your fume extraction filter.

At P-Laser Canada we offer all the equipment and know how for such applications including the fume extraction. Please contact us for more details.