Anilox Roller Cleaning

Although other cleaning techniques currently exist for anilox roller cleaning, they are archaic and don’t come without their challenges.

Laser cleaning is slowly becoming the future of anilox roller cleaning . Chemical or abrasive blasting systems used to remove the chemicals found in modern day inks and adhesives tend to clog anilox roll cells. This is also a very time consuming and messy task with disposal and constant consumable issues.

The teflon & polyeurethane materials attached to a roll’s surface form a hydrophobic film; which causes the ink to bead up, much like water does on a newly waxed car. The only way to remove these contaminants completely (along with other organics) is to thermally decompose them with the use of laser light.

Chemical cleaning unfortunately leaves a film on these “cleaned” rolls (as do all grit blasting methods) – only laser cleaning can truly restore the surface!